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Angel Laketa Moore Tanksley
Actress, Podcaster, Mom Influencer
Angel Tanksley aka Angel Laketa Moore aka That Chick Angel is a woman of many names and many talents.  Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, there are two things she's always known she wanted to do, be an actress and a mother.  Well she's done both of those things MANY times over. In the pursuit of her acting career, she stumbled upon the career of being a content creator and host.  Her online career has connected her to thousands of mothers.  She strives daily to entertain them through her authenticity and hilarious approach to motherhood.  You can find Angel's content on her YouTube channel That Chick Angel TV and on Facebook/Instagram @thatchickangel.  She is also the co-host of 5 podcasts, Is This Going To Cause An Argument, Here's The Thing, Rosepricks, Mommy Confessions, and Hold On To Your Edges.  Angel is married and living in Los Angeles with her husband Marcus and their 4 boys, Lil Marcus, Sai, Kai, & Amar.

Mama Likes was created out of a love for mothers, especially mothers of color.  I wanted to create a box especially curated with you in mind.  I included products that I hope you enjoy using and add a little extra happiness to your day.  Mama Likes is a quarterly subscription box, so if you miss this first box don't worry.  Just sign up to be notified when the next box drops.  Welcome to Mama Likes! ❤️


Tanskley Pride

Tanksley Pride (from left to right)

Lil' Marcus, Kai, Amar, and Sai