Dinora Walcott is a creator by nature. In addition to being an actor, mother of two, musician, writer, and director, she also an artisan. Her handmade, natural, organic, and food-grade skin & hair care line, NORA MADE, was originally created solely for herself and her family, and has since become available online at NoraMadeGoods.com 
The search for products that worked for her hair texture and for her daughters eczema,  lead her to create 100% Organic Magic Butter. When no natural deodorant on the market worked for her, she went into the lab (aka her kitchen) to create 3 ingredient NoBo, all natural deodorant. And when her sister suffered a stroke and double aneurysm, she created Blessed Body, an Organic healing oil to help soothe and rejuvenate her. 
Blessed Body Oil is made with multiple organic oils and 8 powerful essential oils known for their healing properties. The two main essential oils are Frankincense and Myrrh. Customers love Blessed Body oil, and report using it for the following: as a massage oil, to soothe muscle aches and swelling, to condition their hair, and as a scented body oil, as a dry oil, to add to their bath water for a luxurious soak, and more.



Elisha Beach is a birth mom of 3, adoptive mom of 1 and a stepmom of 4 step-"adults.". Yes, you read that right... 8 kids a.k.a a professional mom complete with a B.A. in Child Development. Elisha is also a wife, homecook, terrible housekeeper, laundry avoider, and she fancies herself a selfcare practitioner and advocate for moms. She is an avid blogger of mom truth and host of the podcast MomCare Mondays and she recently pursued her certification as a postpartum doula and baby wearing educator.
Elisha began her writing career when a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter on the toilet went viral in 2015 and she responded by publishing an  article in the Huffington Post, “ I Drove The Internet Into a Frenzy Telling the Truth About Motherhood.” The article also went viral and was translated into various languages for publications across the world. She received messages from moms of all walks of life thanking her for sharing the truth about motherhood. This ignited a passion in her and she has since published several articles for the Huffington Post, started her own blog, The Mom Forum, and became a staff writer for the popular parenting blog Scary Mommy. 
Three months after giving birth to her youngest child and a string of unfortunate events, Elisha had a very public “mommy meltdown” in the middle of a passport office. After being escorted out of the room while sobbing into a cloth diaper, she realized she had to change the way she was caring for herself. 
Elisha set out on a journey to rediscover herself and what selfcare she needed to implement as a now mom and wife so she wouldn't be in a perpetual cycle of losing her ever loving mind. She spent over a year focusing on her selfcare practice and learning how to prioritize her own needs. She then combined what she learned with her skills as a certified strategic planner and self published The Mom Selfcare Planner as a guide for every day moms to create realistic selfcare routines. 
Elisha currently resides in Los Angeles where she is raising her 4 kids she shares with her husband, actor Michael Beach, who happily closes cabinets behind her, locks all the doors at night, and fills her gas tank because these are things she never remembers to do.


Nina Reid of The Reid Bunch

Nina Reid established The Reid Bunch in 2012 with the official announcement of her 4th child. After having 3 boys she was excited to welcome a baby girl to the bunch. As a naturalist who loves cooking, braiding, gardening, crafting, and making natural products for her children’s skin and hair, creating a Youtube Channel that highlighted all these things seemed like a natural step to take. HC Hair and Body Butter has a very practical origin story. Her son Grayden began developing eczema. After playing around in the kitchen and using shea butter along with a few other oils, she found a perfect blend suitable for his needs. 

Soon it became a staple in every bathroom throughout her home. It works great on braid/twist outs, and as a moisture retainer in the hair and body.  HC Hair & Body Butter can be ordered with 3 scent options:  Mango ButterPink Sugar, or Black Butter. Visit thereidbunch.com to place your order. 


Melissa Fredericks aka MrsKevOnStage

There is a new voice of reason taking over sound waves that  comes from the perspective of Melissa Fredericks known throughout the internet as MrsKevOnStage. 

 Melissa Fredericks a/k/a MrsKevOnStage is host of The Love Hour podcast along with her husband, Kevin Fredericks p/k/a KevOnStage. With great humor, apparent love, and relatable insight, these "marriage champions" share their experiences and address various relationship questions and concerns. The growing popularity of the podcast has resulted in a successful tour run along with The Real Comedians of Social Media. The Love Hour has also spawned a relationship conference of the same name. 

Followers of The Love Hour adore Melissa and her husband as a couple, but she has also garnered an endearing fan base with her betterment campaigns and her advocacy of self-love. She captivates audiences with talk of her personal journey of self-discovery and self-love, while also challenging other women to find themselves, lovingly accept their uniqueness, and realize their beauty and self-worth. Melissa is also author of the book, Journey to Self-Love, which is a road map to help women find themselves and embrace their inner beauty.